CB's Synesthesia
Chris has multiple types of synesthesia
from macalester.edu

Synesthesia is defined as an involuntary physical experience of a cross-modal association. In real language that means that there is a crossing of the senses. Having one sense stimulated would cause a stimulation in another sense as well. This would be like a ringing bell being heard and seen(maybe as a flash of light).

What is this?

This is a website I'm building about my synesthesia. It's currently under construction, so watch your step! If a page loads and it looks weird, try loading it again... I might be messing with the code.


About this site

My types of synesthesia

Sound → color/shape/texture
I hear in color
Colored hearing

Taste → color/shape/texture
I taste in color

Touch → color/shape/texture
Every tactile sensation is also a visual one

Smell → color/shape/texture
I smell in color

Graphemes (symbols) → color/gender/personality
Numbers, symbols, and punctuation have color that is projected onto the 'page'
Colored graphemes
Reading music in color

Inanimate objects → color/gender/personality
Every object 'innately' has gender, personality, etc.

Spatial sequence (aka number form) synesthesia
Time is organized in a very specific three dimensional way
Time forms

Instrument color maps
This might be part of the "spatial sequence" synesthesia; When I learn instruments my brain makes and projects a color-note map
Playing instruments